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status 8th Jun '13
Quoting misssky:" yea I'm talking about any coke in general that have caffine. I hear that it can make u go into early ... [snip!] ... Which I dont, lol I dont even finish the whole can most of the time. I'll drink like half to get rid of the craving. :-)"

No, it won't put you into labor. If you're drinking ONLY soda and no water at all, it will dehydrate you, but drinking a soda every now and then is fine.

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8th Jun '13
Quoting Kayla [:)]♥:" It's not the caffeine in pop that is the issue. OP, have one, just don't drink it every day, all day. You and baby should be good... Make sure you still drink plenty of water."

She didn't specify why she was asking about pop. That's usually everyone's reason for asking.