It doesn't hurt.. Arks Mama! ಠ_ಠ 1 child; Utah 2401 posts
10th Jun '13

A little TMI time (I guess?)
But since I had my child (via c-section) My periods have not hurt, not even a small cramp.
I probably shouldn't be complaining, but it's weird! Before the baby I was in the fetal position popping pills for a week.
Is this normal?

Yurvette [♥] 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Hyrule Castle, LZ, San Marino 36510 posts
status 10th Jun '13

Yeah. lol. Your body changes after you have a baby.

StuffyLicks 1 child; Ohio 158 posts
10th Jun '13

Same here! Went from super heavy and crampy to light and awesome!

October2011 2 kids; Pennsylvania 6821 posts
10th Jun '13

I didn't have a csection but since my son my periods are don't hurt as bad, but I get more symptoms when I ovulate. but my moods are wicked both times of the month.