Kass. Due November 30; 1 child; 2 angel babies; Ottawa, Ontario 11312 posts
10th Jun '13

I make it on the stove, I never use the seasoning that comes with it - way too salty for me. I sometimes add extra virgin olive oil and some veggies. Sometimes some chicken as well. Sometimes just the noddles and some parmesean cheese.

orchidlovingmama 2 kids; Santa Rosa, California 1733 posts
10th Jun '13

I cook it on the stove without crunching it up until its welll done then I pour out all the water and mix the chicken packet in. stir it and fine.

HopingforaMiracle 1 child; USA 21572 posts
10th Jun '13

I can't eat anymore. But when I did eat it, I would microwave it with a cup or so of water for three minutes. Wouldn't add anything to it and I would sometimes only eat it with half the seasoning.

Sugarhiccup LLC 5 kids; Lahaina, Hawaii 2825 posts
10th Jun '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Faye's Mama-19 Weeks:</b>" Dh boils water and adds the seasonings. I usually boil and then pan fry. But dh gets his ramen from the Asian markets so it tastes a lot better"</blockquote>

:!: so true! Even though I eat it very rarely the refrigerated kind in the Asian markets is so much better!

LiLMuChAcHa22 Due June 4; 32 kids; California 3820 posts
11th Jun '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting GrumpsMama:</b>" Stove, microwave? Do you add anything to it? I always microwave them.. and add extra spices, lots of cheese and sometimes chicken. "</blockquote>

I haven't eat ramen years but when I did I just made it on the stove and usually drain the water and eat it as noodles.

3 little monsters 3 kids; Olathe, Colorado 50990 posts
11th Jun '13

I make it on the stove. I always add the seasoning packet to the water and boil the noodles in the broth. I can't say how true it really is but I am convinced it infuses the flavor into the noodles, lol. Then I drain off most of the water and eat the noodles with some cheese.