pinched nerve in neck October2011 2 kids; Pennsylvania 7415 posts
13th Jun '13

I woke with a stiff neck yesterday, it lasted all day. I woke up today feeling so much better but when I lifted my son out of his crib after his nap..oh the pain! its a thousand times worse, I can literally barely move. I have to sleep sitting up tonight because if I lay down I CANNOT get up. It started on the right side of my its going into my right shoulder and arm so I think its a nerve..what can I do??? Its terrible, idk how im going to function with my son tomorrow while hubby is at work =(

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status 13th Jun '13

Try taking some Ibuprofen and then doing stretches that will stretch out your neck. My DH always tells me this every time my bulging disc in my neck acts up and it seems to help some.