normal?? Lovin'mylil'man 1 child; Clearwater, Florida 1210 posts
15th Jun '13

My son is 2 he just turned 2 april 12th he is a pretty bright kid for his age or atleast i believe he is he knows how to say his abc's, he recognizes all his letters, he can count to 20 and u can actually understand what hes saying, he can spell and say his name its a fairly easy name wyatt but i still give him credit. My question though is it pretty normal for a child his age to line his toys up in a perfect like with his cars they face the same way. Im wondering if this is a sign of maybe autism or ocd. Im fine with a child with disabilities it doesnt bother me one bit i love kids with disabilities, but if he is i would like to know. So any of u mommas have children that are 2 n they line their toys, candy,etc up n a perfect line?? Sorry this is so long.

Ellie. 2 kids; Arizona 25435 posts
15th Jun '13

My 2 year old does this sometimes. But I can tell she does not have autism or anything. She engages well with others and I know that's one of the big signs.

username1 1 child; Chicopee, MA, United States 30921 posts
status 15th Jun '13

my sons always been into lining things up, and color coordinating things. he started around 2 and even now at 5 he still does it from time to time. so in my eyes its normal and i dont think hes autistic or anything

Lovin'mylil'man 1 child; Clearwater, Florida 1210 posts
15th Jun '13

Thank u mommas.

OCDmamma 1 child; Oakland, California 461 posts
15th Jun '13

My son does this daily. lol Normal.