could i end up going into preterm labor? marria**87 Due August 5 (boy); 35 kids; North Carolina 26 posts
15th Jun '13

Hi, im currently 32/33 wks with my 4th child..
My husband had to go to training when i was 27/28 wks along and he is coming back when I will be 34/ sure the first thing he will want to do is have sex...i was wondering since I havent been sexually active since 27/28 weeks...will this encounter at 34/35 weeks send me into labor? im kind of worried about it because i dont know if the baby will be ready to come.
Have any of you gone into labor early from sex?
My last pregnancy I went into labor after having sex like 2 days before my due date but my husband and i were having sex regularly back then.
Thank you for your opinions and information
According to my LMP due date is aug6 (32wks)
according to 2 ultrasounds due date is july30 (33wks)

Amber + 2♡ 2 kids; Kansas 19451 posts
15th Jun '13

No. Sex will only make you go into labor if your body is ready for it.

Noah and Baby J's mommy 2 kids; Oregon 3454 posts
15th Jun '13

Ive hardly been sexually active, and no baby yet! And we just started having sex like last week, or week before. Prior to that it was like the first of the year.