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16th Jun '13
Quoting ☮Sugar Magnolia:" <blockquote><b>Quoting paper planes:</b>" It's always been that bad."</blockquote> You joined yesterday. How would you know? :?"

I've seen you around. You're always looking to start drama aren't you?

Aly ♥ Marie 4 kids; 906 posts
16th Jun '13
Quoting Two Princesses:" I've only been here since early 2010. but if I remember correctly, wasn't she banned? Not entirely sure, but I vaguely remember seeing her username before, and that something happened."

Yeah. I got banned for posting Mara's picture as my Avi. I Was banned in 2010. So you probably just missed/met me at the time...

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status 17th Jun '13
Quoting FatEatingHeffer:" So, I'm curious...why is there a Teen Parenting Forum? I seriously have not seen any advice, support, ... [snip!] ... most of you are pathetic enough to do this all day. Haha I am so glad that I found something better than this dumbass site."

When given that perspective, I'd have to wonder why this entire parenting & support site exists. :/

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17th Jun '13
Quoting paper planes:" :lol::lol:"

I'm convinced your actually Mara :wink::lol: