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16th Jun '13

Hey all! I hope this is the right area for this , hehe... So, my sister is pregnant, and around august I am going to be throwing her a baby shower... I have some ideas, but I'm looking for more. She threw my bridal shower for me, and did such a good job, and i really want to pay her back for that by making this great.
So, what ideas do you like? Things at your own baby shower that you enjoyed? Give me some ideas, or things to avoid, etc!

note: she is a shy, private person and would not like things that involve, say, guessing her belly size... too personal to her hehe.

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16th Jun '13

check at pinterest!

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16th Jun '13

This looks funny.

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16th Jun '13
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16th Jun '13


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16th Jun '13

At my baby shower we had a baby crossword, and we just used terms relating to babies (nursery, bottle, etc.) and then we had a game where we spelled out his name: George Edward, and people had to see how many words they could create with the letters. I just went to my cousin's baby shower recently and they had a game where it had the name of an animal, and you had to write what the term for the baby of that species is (example: a baby goat is called a kid, a baby kangaroo is called a joey, and so on) and then a game with a list of baby names and you had to figure out which celebrity couple had a child with that name. Kind of cool, except nobody knew many of the celebrity's baby names.

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16th Jun '13

This was one of the games at my shower i thought it was pretty fun since i never seen it at anyone elses shower so it wasnt to easy for those who go to a bunch of showers lol

Also some things i loved at my shower ...
Ducky Punch


Watermelon baby

Ready to pop baby shower favors with popcorn mix & table decorations

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16th Jun '13
Quoting Now and Forever:" Lmao. That looks awesome! OP: What kind of games have you thought of? Will it be both a male & female baby shower or is it a only girls baby shower? "

I actually found that water breaking one posted above, and i liked that! Beyond that i really dont have many ideas. And I think we will do a female only shower.

Mrs Redin 1 child; Bath, ME, United States 911 posts
16th Jun '13

And thanks everyone for the ideas :D Definitely noting these!!! Keep em coming if you think of anything else :)

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status 16th Jun '13

for favors at my shower, we affixed tags to bags of microwave pop corn that said

"Jess is about to pop! Set your timers for August 18th"