Question for co-sleepers StuffyLicks 1 child; Ohio 158 posts
16th Jun '13

When did you feel comfortable letting your SO sleep with your LO? I sleep in the middle with LO by the wall, and DH has been asking to put her in the middle or to let him sleep in the middle so he can get some cuddles in too. I told him I just didn't feel comfortable, because she is still so small and he rolls quite a bit. He naps with her sometimes, but I check on them every 15 mins or so. DD is 10 months, and I still feel like she's too little...

InkDMomma 35 kids; Clinton Township, Michigan 27418 posts
16th Jun '13

never lol
my husband is a CRAZY sleeper. I can't take that chance. I either slept on the extra bed, couch, or put the baby towards the wall with me.

My kids occasional co-sleep now and they are 3 & 5... I only feel safe now because they can fend for themselves a bit haha

Tibby Bruic Charlebois 2 kids; Cicero, IN, United States 261 posts
16th Jun '13

I would observe the way your SO sleeps before you make any decisions. If he is still, I don't see anything wrong with it. But if he rolls around a lot, I wouldn't. We started with our daughter in the middle from day one, but now she sleeps on my side so that she can breastfeed easily.