7 month old not eating... LittleBear's mama 3 kids; Ontario 480 posts
17th Jun '13

Ok, so my LO was a really good eater. Ate whatever came on a spoon and drank his bottle very well. For the last three weeks he hardly eats anything on a spoon anymore (clamps his lips shut and whines constantly), and will only drink half of his bottle and fights the rest. So he is eating maybe 5-6 oz of formula for 3 out of 4 feedings, and I am lucky if I get 3-4 oz of food in him. Befor ehe was consistently eating 7-8 oz of formula per feeding plus 8-9 oz of food. He is teething...but three weeks of not wanting to eat fever and no cold. pooping normal, and normal amount of wet please! Suggestions...

Live-Laugh-Love 3 kids; Kitchener, ON, Canada 7949 posts
17th Jun '13

What do you need help with? lol. Solids are experimental for the first 12 months so If hes still drinking his bottles and having normal wet diapers then there isn't anything to worry about. He's teething, he'll start eating solids again soon.