Skeptical o_O *Mom 2 Kings* 2 kids; woodhaven, MI, United States 646 posts
17th Jun '13

Okay, so my ligament pains are unbearable. Worst than it was with my first. I swear this baby is going to fall out my butt hole with every little step I take. I practically cry every time I have to change positions at night because it hurts like hell to open and close my legs. I was examined today and reassured it's just the pressure from baby boy practically hanging out in my vagina since day one.....He's so darn low. Anyway the OB recommends that I try a maternity belt, I don't see how that will help ease the pain from my butt and my vagina hurting. Have you ladies tried maternity belts? Do you think it helps? Thanks for your input:D

endless possibilities Due November 7; 6 kids; Tacoma, Washington 40890 posts
17th Jun '13

It will help. It takes the pressure off of your pelvis by supporting the weight of your uterus.

user banned 2 kids; Silly, Belgium 6539 posts
17th Jun '13

I can 100% promise you that your baby isn't going to fall out of your b******e. :p

But no I have tried a maternity belt. You should though if it was recommended to you. Good luck.

*Mom 2 Kings* 2 kids; woodhaven, MI, United States 646 posts
17th Jun '13

Thanks ladies :D I will definitely start researching good ones because I really need something to help.

Jays*Mama 2 kids; Michigan 5649 posts
17th Jun '13

My dr recommended one for me to use because my pain was awful but I never got one. My insurance didn't cover it and I couldn't afford one but I'm sure it would help