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18th Jun '13
Quoting Dopey ChristmasHobbit PhD:" Food therapy? Wow, I've never heard of that either. My food therapy is, "Are you gonna finish that?" Ha ha. "

But really, he has major food aversions to the point that he was hospitalized due to stool/intestinal problems not long after he turned 3. He was bottle and stage 2 baby food fed until he was 18 months old because he gagged and vomited when trying anything else. Now at 4 1/2 his diet is a list of things I can count on two hands. It's really bad. They said it's a sensory problem so they will work towards getting comfortable with different textures and stuff by first playing with the food. Sounds so funny (esp to older generations such as my mom) but it's something that is routinely done at TX Children's so hey, all we can do is try right? I am actually pretty excited about it. Closely monitoring (and stressing) over what goes in that child's body (and comes out) is exhausting.