**Blessed_Insanity** 7 kids; Wyoming 18896 posts
17th Jun '13
Quoting I'mOnFire:" She is orange :roll: Haha, like she caked that shit on. I took these a few years back. I tried doing ... [snip!] ... photos with worse editing than mine and charge like 100-200 for a session and i'm like holy f**k people pay for that shit?! "

Hey I think you have a creative eye, the focus was weird in a few, but hey they are on mine too lol. again like i said, the orange has nothing to do with you lol. I am just starting out in photography as well, so I know it can be daunting.

Christan_89 2 kids; Grapevine, Texas 8043 posts
17th Jun '13

Some of them are a little out of focus, but I like the one cut off at her chin and the one of her feet a lot. I'd pay for those if it were me, for sure.