She came 5 weeks early.. Mommy of 3 ♦ Due June 30; 2 kids; Cumberland, Maryland 496 posts
18th Jun '13

My daughter came at 35weeks and 2 days,She was originally due on July 3rd.I was scheduled regularly to get non-stree test twice a week,usually on Tuesdays and Fridays.So it was a normal Friday around 11:30am and her heart rate wasn't going up as much as they wanted her to and was basically keeping flat line.So he said he was going to keep me longer to deteremine if he was going to induce me because my water was still really low and she had developed IUGR and was two weeks behind,so my doctor had finally determined that it would be safer at this point for her to be outside the womb then inside.We knew since around 30 weeks he was going to have to take her early we just didn't know how early or anything.I was able to go home and shower and get my boys to a sitter and return quickly. I got back up to the hospital and they started IV and put the monitors back on.At about 11pm my doctor came in and checked me to see where my body was at this point. I was already 80% effaced and 2cm dilated.What do ya know?! Not me! lol Anyways at 11:30pm he decided to start the Pitocin. It was a long night waking in and out of sleep and completely wasn't very painful yet,just extremely uncomfortable.Good morning,6 am rolled around and my doc came and checked me to our surprise I had only got to 3 decided to break my water to speed things up! Around 830am the contractions had gotten so intense and I was at 4 cm so I got my epidural.Well here they went in too far and ended up giving me a was a very scary experience.I knew what to expect because I had delivered two healthy full term boys and got epi's both times and something went wrong this time and I was exactly right,in fact the kept my epi in for three days and I was leaking spinal fluid and ened up needing a blood patch but that's another long long story. Anyhow..the spinal knocked my ass flat out literally..I fell backwards on to the bed and could sit still it felt like weights were pulling me from one side to another. Well even though it was super strong,it did not last as long as my epi's did..soo about 30 minutes before I was ready to start pushing it was wearing off and I felt EVERYTHING. Horrible.. :( I was so uncomfortable I started throwing up and sweating even though the AC was blasted and it was only about 62 degree's in the room. Everyone else was completely freezing,I was drenched in my own sweat!!Around 11:25am the nurse came in because I felt like was the worse feeling ever.She checked me and said we are having a baby!! Ran down the hall and was back in 30 seconds with my doctor.They got me positioned and he told me to push with the next contraction,I did and he yelled for me to stop and her head was out and he suctioned her mouth and nose and pulled her shoulders through and I heard the most amazing tiny little cries! I heard my doctor say oh my gosh she's a tiny little tike! And then I saw my beautiful tiny little girl as they put her on my belly :) They took her after my mother cut her cord straight to the nursery because of her being premature,they had to get her temperature regulated and run test and all of the routine stuff.They got me showered and got me settled over on the post-partum unit in my room and brought my beautiful daughter to me. She weighed 4lbs 1.2 oz! She was 16 1/2 inchehs long. She's so tiny! She's now home with me and she's 2 weeks & 4 days old today <3Her name is Tiarah Leigh (tee/air/uh LeE)

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18th Jun '13

Awe congrats! Was she in the nicu?

GavinsMomJohnnysWife 2 kids; Texas 2789 posts
18th Jun '13

wow, that's scary! Post a pic of her please!!! :)

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18th Jun '13

Very tiny. Congrats

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status 18th Jun '13

Awe thats great congrats! I had my daughter at 34 weeks. She was 5lbs 3 ounces and i got to take her home. Congrats again

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18th Jun '13

Great news she is healthy and home!