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Jun 18th '13

So I lost my hold position book, my son is 7 months old about 20 lbs, I'm. Going to give wearing hi one more time o my neck to see if I can, he's beig very clingy today and I need to clean, can any one post how I position him????

Piecey. 4 kids; Worms, RP, Germany 68219 posts
status Jun 18th '13

But honestly 20 lbs it will probably sag a lot. I find for me stretchy wraps dont work that well after 15 ish lbs

sknymnie Hubert, nc, United States 15150 posts
Jun 18th '13
Melissa 1 child; Michigan 1411 posts
Jun 18th '13

If you find the moby uncomfortable still, maybe look into getting another carrier. I have an ergo and a ring sling and both are fine on my back (I have back problems and carrying her around WITHOUT a carrier kills me) She is also 20lbs.