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yes or no? bplusbaby Due November 12; Ontario 14 posts
18th Jun '13

so my boyfriend and i are having a heck of a time trying to figure out a name for our daughter... he suggested the name Bianca Neve (pronounced (KNEEv//Neeve).. which means snow white in italian... and I fell in love

While doing research on the name I found out that a family on youtube actually has a dog named the exact same name... which isnt a big deal to me, but he doesn't like the idea anymore because of it.

What do you guys think.

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
18th Jun '13

Bianca, yes. Neve, no.

Gold 2 kids; "Coastal Virginia", VA, United States 31508 posts
status 18th Jun '13

Bianca is nice, but not a fan of Neve.

-BLT- Due May 20; 1 child; St Louis, Missouri 2572 posts
18th Jun '13

I like Bianca Nevay or Nevae better. It's actually how I read it.

speaktruth2powr 2 kids; Ontario 44968 posts
status 18th Jun '13


I'm not a fan of Bianca, and it definitely doesn't sound good with Neve.