Trying not to lose faith.. vent/glimmer of hope MissyPhoenix 1 child; Apache Junction, Arizona 2 posts
19th Jun '13

I have been TTC since late last year. Negative after negative. I know it does not happen over night, as it took 6 months with my first child. I usually dont worry, but as of late.. I dont know why but I feel consumed by all the TTC. So much its overwhelming.. Im feeling more and more sad/depressed month after month. Losing hope I guess... I have not been on BG since my last pregnancy 4 years ago.. So im technicnally new I am just looking for support! Someone who is going through the same, or similar..

Im praying this month will be the month..
expecting AF tomorrow(June 19)
Very irregular weird periods as of late so who knows.
Have been spotting since the fifteenth so the last three days which is absolutely insane Ive never spotted in my life!
Cramps as well, and gas, bloating.
Ive tested between the 15th till today all negative (Im very impatient, and enjoy spending my life savings on pregnancy tests lol )
Ive googled this a million times, and all points to implantation bleeding! Im just so scared to think im so close and still be negative!!!

This is mainly a vent, Ive been going crazy.. I hope all understand that sometimes you just need to get it out!

JKR 2 kids; Texas 964 posts
19th Jun '13

It took me 5 years to conceive my second child, so I know how you feel. It is hard and it just seemed like when we get quit trying and thought we were going to only have 1 bam he came along.

MissyPhoenix 1 child; Apache Junction, Arizona 2 posts
19th Jun '13

Yes, I think im at that point I need to "take a break" of over analyzing everything.. calculating and what not... Its just a lot easier said then done, as Im sure you know!

JKR 2 kids; Texas 964 posts
19th Jun '13

I used to hate when people would tell me just relax and it will happen. It is something that really does mess with your mind. I used to wonder if something was wrong with me from having my first one. Sometimes taking a break is the best thing.