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19th Jun '13
Quoting linsα:" Is Miley really all that relevant to young girls at the moment? I mean, last time I turned on Nick Jr ... [snip!] ... for not monitoring what your kids listen to or watch. She's not on Disney, she's right there next to Rihanna and Lady Gaga."

I like Sam.

Mrs Redin 1 child; Bath, ME, United States 911 posts
19th Jun '13
Quoting Marshy's Mama +1:" It is disrespectful to herself, some people need to have more respect for their own body's and image imo. And with millions of people watching? Its discusting"

So by showing off her body and not caring what anybody else thinks, she is not respecting her body? Why is 'body respect' so directly linked with keeping covered? I am proud of my body and will show it as much as i wish, and i respect her for doing that, if thats what she wants. Judging someone else for their choice is what is disrespectful.
I would just keep my kids from seeing it if you dont like it.