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Jun 20th '13
Quoting Trey&Genesis'momma:" I hate the FF vs BF debates too. I don't push my personal beliefs on other people because I know there ... [snip!] ... off in the long run. I just really wish there wasn't so much negative publicity about breastfeeding as there is today. :/"

I agree with all this.

I think we have less negative publicity for BF than in the states but it takes time for change to happen so BF rates remain still quite low. I only care that the parent does what is best for their kid and as your experience shows what's right for one kid isn't for another.

I was all prepared to BF and then couldn't so I had the whole guilt thing about not breastfeeding which made ppd worse but at least for the moment Calum is doing well so I'm happy.

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Jun 20th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting ♥ my~boysX3+1♥:</b>" *I'm not exactly sure how the prescriptions would play out, but I truly hope they wouldn't penalize working women.*"</blockquote>

That was in response to a comment about working women. I said that they shouldn't be penalized.

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Jun 20th '13
Quoting weefee:" I agree with all this. I think we have less negative publicity for BF than in the states but it takes ... [snip!] ... whole guilt thing about not breastfeeding which made ppd worse but at least for the moment Calum is doing well so I'm happy."

Exactly. It's not about what is good for the entirety of the group. It's about what is best for YOUR child. You have to make your own decisions because nobody else is looking out for the well being of your child but you. I hate how judgemental these things can get. Separate issue but I know all too well how it feels to be forced to do something I didn't want to do. When I was BF my son, my sister had a hayday because I was BF my son out in public around her. I mean, I understand some women are uncomfortable by it but it wasn't like I was walking around completely naked with the kid to my b**b. I had a wrap that covered my entire stomach :? Well at that time she didn't say much but with my last daughter, she had the nerve to tell me that I wasn't ALLOWED to BF my kids around her because it made her too uncomfortable and she basically said I had to formula feed while she was around. My sister and I don't get along for many upon many reasons but that was the icing on the cake. Just because SHE felt too uncomfortable to BF her own children didn't mean she had the right to tell me I couldn't BF mine bc she felt weird. :roll: Some opinions are just better kept to themselves.

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status Jun 20th '13
Quoting Bree Ilana:" I would like to say one thing. I'm not a parent so maybe my opinions are invalid but to call someone ... [snip!] ... of will and whatever her other kids name said that. You are a c**t. To push your opinions and ideas on someone else is wrong."

No, she thinks it selfish to not even use donor milk. But shes using formula.

Stupid b***h didnt get her birthing experience nor was she able to BF the way she intended so now she has to project all her self hatred and inadequacies onto other mothers. Its pathetic.

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Jun 20th '13

I'll put my two tidbits in. I BFed for a month and stopped because of stupid doctors. I hated that I had to put her on formula, BUT if we had a donor bank nearby and I had the money for it....I honestly probably wouldn't. :? I don't like bodily fluids and the thought of feeding my child someone else's disgusts me to no end. AND there's the fact that mommie's milk is made for HER baby. Yeah, it's okay to feed to another baby, but it still won't be the same.

Formula is there as a choice. I'm glad I have MY choice. Call me a selfish b***h. I give no f**ks. My child is healthy and happy and THAT'S what matters.

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Jun 20th '13
Quoting Will☮Creedence:" <blockquote><b>Quoting
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Jun 21st '13

This thread is dead, but, I just have to state:

Banning bottles is a ridiculous idea. No matter how you slice it. All of these formula hating women or bf nazis can attempt to justify it all you want. Banning BOTTLES is stupid. Bottles are used when the boobies aren't. Simple as that. The reasoning shouldn't be up for discussion. What would working mothers do? Should Venezuela ban women from working as well? Get real. Choosing formula over breast milk is a personal choice. I can't believe that some women take the time to make that subject debatable. Humorous, really. Feed your kid what you think is best for them and go find a hobby.

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Jun 21st '13
Quoting ~~My Pet Wussy~~:" I think bottles and formula should be sold under a prescription."

are you kidding me?? lol..I have had 4 kids, and couldnt breast feed any of them. I didn't produce milk. Some of us are not so lucky. If you feel that way then Fast food, ice cream, candy, soda ,etc get a prescription!