If you were going to go to Dairy Queen.. Irish Twins Mama ♥ 2 kids; Iowa 2147 posts
20th Jun '13

What kind of blizzard would you get?

I can't decide..and I'm craving a blizzard SO I need some help hah.

iLL-Legal Unicorn Alien 3 kids; New York, TX, United States 37137 posts
20th Jun '13

Strawberry Cheesecake.

Captain Obvious 2 kids; Havana, Cuba 25634 posts
20th Jun '13


I want one NAO.

Booger & Bubba's Mommy 18 kids; Illinois 8136 posts
20th Jun '13

Snickers made with choc ice cream & extra stuff.

user banned 2 kids; New York 34017 posts
20th Jun '13

I would get a banana split, not a blizzard. but i get two strawberry and one hot fudge

Barnett Babies Due February 22; 10 kids; Indiana 1770 posts
20th Jun '13

ALWAYS the Reese's!

Lasya 2 kids; Atlantic Beach, Florida 351 posts
20th Jun '13

I love the cheesecake bits they have, so good! I haven't been to DQ in foreverrrrrr.

SherryandMatt Due February 15 (boy); 1 child; 6 angel babies; Arizona 4080 posts
20th Jun '13

Brownie batter and M&Ms.. Light on the M&Ms and extra on the brownie:) Every time.. my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Now i want a blizzard.. thanks:)

user banned California 36390 posts
20th Jun '13

Banana cream pie or snickers cheesecake or reeces cheesecake

Sunset dream (boy); 1 child; Florida 1292 posts
20th Jun '13


. , Richmond, VA, United States 75060 posts
status 20th Jun '13

Mint oreo or oreo cheescake. The smores would have been really good except for the chocolate pieces. They tasted kind of weird but I liked the graham crackers. hah.

Rachel Dobbs Johnson Due October 24; TTC since Feb 2013; 2 kids; McMinnville, Oregon 24 posts
20th Jun '13

Smores...its there special right now...very yummy

Mama Rachael♥ Due April 2 (girl); 1 child; 1 angel baby; Asheville, North Carolina 15898 posts
20th Jun '13

Aaaalllll of them :evil: :lol:

Amber {Dylan's momma} 1 child; Lodi, Ohio 1991 posts
20th Jun '13

oreo or smores or cookie dough

[Doe Eyed Dirty Lurker] ; 18 kids; noneya, TN, United States 3245 posts
20th Jun '13

This post just makes me sad. I haven't had dairy queen since my 8th birthday...and uve never had a blizzard :(