What a nice thing to say. Kimber-lily Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
20th Jun '13

I've been struggling with losing weight. I've toned up and lost inches but for some reason the scale still matters to me. One of my friends asked me how the diet and exercise has been going and I told him I had recently slowed down because of some issues. I am happy to know that there are some guys who think like this:

He said this: "I have a thing for women who have had children now, I'm not sure why. I have so much appreciation for what women go through and the changes their bodies endure. I love a woman whose confident with her body even bearing battle scars like stretch marks! So sexxxyyyyy! Haha you prob don't care about anything I've just said lol. Just got kids side tracked!"

☠Undead Mommy☠ 1 child; Westerville, Ohio 24562 posts
22nd Jun '13

That realy is awesome,knowing how self concious i am about my stretchmarks that would have made my day.

Shealene Schuckers Due September 15 (boy); 1 child; Pennsylvania 384 posts
25th Jun '13

Whoever he is, he sounds like pretty good guy! More men should think that way! P.S. The scale is the devil.