WWYD baby girl name. Smash Fins ; 2 kids; Denver, Colorado 1392 posts
22nd Jun '13

My husband and I have just been playing with baby names we like and he brought up the name Sieanna and said he REALLY liked it and wanted to know what I thought about it.

Back Story: I had a pretty close friend and she ALWAYS said if she had a girl she would name her Sieanna... I stopped talking to this close friend in September and we're not even friends on FB anymore.

So my question is... Since I don't even talk to this girl anymore do you think we could consider using the name? Or should I just not use it as to not start any drama.

*Lindsey* 3 kids; Alberta 8798 posts
22nd Jun '13

I would use it.

California Dreaming ♡ Due April 25; 3 kids; The Valley, CA, United States 3624 posts
22nd Jun '13

I'd use it.

Monsters² Mom 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Middle o' nowhere, __, Guam 5310 posts
22nd Jun '13

Why not? She doesn't own the name.

Turtley Mikey Due October 31; 2 kids; California 50611 posts
22nd Jun '13

I like it. But spelled Sienna.

. , Richmond, VA, United States 75111 posts
22nd Jun '13

Do you mean Sienna? Meh, use it if you like it. You guys aren't friends anymore so nbd.