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user banned 2 kids; Vice City, Ca, United States 63160 posts
Jun 23rd '13

A meelion times a year. They should never come home to be with their kids.

haha jk. and knowing your situation, I would agree with the neighbors that he does go out often, while you're left to care for the kids alone. You deserve some time out as well!

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
Jun 23rd '13

We used to NEVER go out... EVER. After expressing my feelings on it to DH and lots of talking and compromising, he understood that it was driving me nuts to stay in the house with the kids day after day, and for the past month we've been going out as a couple one night every weekend on a date night, with MIL staying at the house with the kids after we've tucked them in bed, so that we've fully taken care of them before going out. It's doing WONDERS for our relationship. And the kids are being even better taken care of because I'm not as stressed out anymore and DH and I fight less.

Severus Snape 2 kids; Tennessee 3550 posts
Jun 23rd '13

Ideally we'd go out once a week, but the budget makes it more like once a month. But weekly we'll have stay at home dates, which can be just as amazing :)

draven 5 kids; Florida 724 posts
Jun 23rd '13

As often as they want I guess. We have only been out maybe 5 or 6 times in 15 years though.

user banned Lesbos, Greece 95211 posts
Jun 24th '13

As often as they freaking want to.

I go out whenever I want as long as I have arranged care for my kids.

Vivialopod 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42788 posts
Jun 24th '13

As often as needed and desired to maintain sanity.

I literally do not give a single f**k if that's every night or once a decade.

SuperSecret123 Japan 220 posts
Jun 24th '13

I go out alot.. my kids are with their dad every Wednesday so I go out every Wednesday and they go with him every other weekend so I go out then too lol... I work hard and provide everything for them on my own, I'm still young and I like to party lol.. I def don't feel bad about going out while they're with their dad

Cakes. 1 child; Michigan 2837 posts
Jun 24th '13

Me and SO go on a date night once a week, usually, if we're tight on money it's once a month. We leave DD with a babysitter for a few hours and go to dinner and a movie. Once every couple of months we leave her somewhere over night and go out to the bars and drink. We're very fortunate because we have a lot of people who are willing to watch DD for free. As for other parents, well, they should go out whenever they want/can. I think it's important for parents to maintain a life outside of their home lives with their children.

Jax 3 kids; Sydney, NS, Australia 2888 posts
Jun 24th '13

SO and I try to do a date night once a month, but it very rarely happens.
He will go out every second weekend with his mates, and I hardly ever go out. Id rather stay home with the kids though and save my money for something else.

laurenmik 3 kids; Aurora, Colorado 7225 posts
Jun 24th '13

My husband goes out once a week alone and probably once every other week out with me. Right now he's working from home and watching all the kids, so I totally get that he needs breaks.

I don't see a problem with parents going out at all and honestly, I think some people should try and do it more. They might be less stressed out and uptight if they did.

greenmamabecky☮ TTC since Jul 2013; 18 kids; Enfield, Connecticut 20987 posts
Jun 24th '13

I go out almost every week by myself, and usually DH does too on a different night so one of us is always home with the kids. The two of us together getting a babysitter(my parents) and going out together happens maybe once every 2 months.

SavageDarling 3 kids; Webster, Massachusetts 10381 posts
Jun 24th '13

I don't think it's my place to tell another parent how they should socialize. As long as your familial duties are met, you can afford to go out, your kids are well cared for, feeling secure and not neglected by you, and the person watching them isn't feeling taken advantage of, then a parent can go out as much as they like.

That being said my husband goes out or has friends over probably once or twice a week and I go out without kids maybe once or twice a year. It sucks and I don't think it's fair. I think we both need to make changes to our social calendar. He needs to spend more family time and I need to get a life. Lol

yo moyo 1 child; Ishim, Russian Federation 1335 posts
Jun 24th '13

I don't think I've ever gone anywhere (for fun) without my son and he's almost 4. :/ I don't care what other ppl do tho nor do I think there's a norm to adhere to.

♥Rach♥ 2 kids; Arizona 12877 posts
Jun 24th '13

As long as the kids are being taken care of, it doesn't matter to me how often a parent goes out. My parents and in-laws offer to watch DD all the time. We could probably have weekly date night if we wanted to, but I feel bad being away that much since I work. We usually go out 1-2 times a month. Every month or so, I have girl's night with my best friend. I think it's good for parents to have grown up time.

user banned Due December 27 (boy); 1 child; New York 6054 posts
Jun 24th '13

I would think at least once a month. Everyone needs a break sometimes there is nothing wrong with having a night out.