weight pixs Sweet lullaby Dearborn Heights, Michigan 30436 posts
24th Jun '13

Before Pregnancy
(saddly this is what hubbys had before babys killed my body lol)
98 lbs
after my 2nd son. Also my biggest

A month before I got pregnant

204 lbs
3 days before Elizabeth Came March 10th
193 lbs :D
goal 125/ OR flat tummy no double chin, and my thighs dont touch :D

user banned 2 kids; Iowa 7762 posts
24th Jun '13

DAMN GIRL!!! That is amazing weight loss!!! Stay on it! You are a goddess! :)

Lumen.Ash Due November 23; 1 child; Denver, Colorado 1272 posts
24th Jun '13

You're doing great!!! Keep it up!

Simply, Mom 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Upland, 11670 posts
24th Jun '13

I personally think thighs should touch lol

Buuuuut that aside u look AMAZING and just wow good job

Amber ♡ Due August 13 (boy); 1 child; Kansas 17703 posts
24th Jun '13

You look amazing! Keep it up! :D

Sweet lullaby Dearborn Heights, Michigan 30436 posts
24th Jun '13

thanks ladies!!!!!!!

thats me. :) 18 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 3012 posts
24th Jun '13

You look really great!!!

akmaldo 1 child; Georgia 2778 posts
24th Jun '13

WOWWW! That's awesome girl! What have you done to lose that weight?

Shealene Schuckers Due September 15 (boy); 1 child; Pennsylvania 384 posts
25th Jun '13

Looking good!!!

Housewife & Co 1 child; Washington, District of Columbia 600 posts
25th Jun '13

You carry your weight very well btw. Great job!

Sweet lullaby Dearborn Heights, Michigan 30436 posts
25th Jun '13

thanks ladies, mostly breastfeeding, some working out when I find the time