Good inner thigh work outs Noneya Business Due August 29; 1 child; Pennsylvania 11758 posts
24th Jun '13

I can never find a good work out to target just my inner thighs. I do so many work out but nothing ever helps with my inner thighs. I hate how my skin is sagging and how much they touch. My pants gets so wore out and rip after wearing them a few times.

Any suggestions? I've lost almost 60lbs in the last 2 years yet I can seem to find something good to tone up that area.

Kimber-lily Due September 27 (girl); 4 kids; Nova Scotia 28962 posts
24th Jun '13

Squats, wallsits and stairs.

Jays*Mama 2 kids; Michigan 5670 posts
25th Jun '13

Take a soft bouncy ball and put it between your knees and squeeze them together.