Being on aderall while trying to conceive Messyjess TTC since Jun 2013; Japan 5 posts
25th Jun '13

I take a very small dose (2.5 grams twice a day) and even tried to decrease to half of that but felt very depressed and stressing about my performance at work so I felt I needed to go back up to keep my sanity. I definitely plan to go off of it cold turkey the day I find out I'm pregnant. I was told this by the doctor yet I still feel uneasy about it. Is anyone out there in a similar situation?

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25th Jun '13

Ummm no that's a big no no! I have been on meds for ADHD since age 5 I quit cold turkey when TTC and took classes without it while pregnant. If I can do it so can you I garuntee my ADHD is just as bad as yours. However if you must keep taking it while TTC at least consult with your doctor first.

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25th Jun '13

the first few weeks of pregnancy the baby is nourished by the yolk sac until the umbilical cord is complete and starts circulating. This means that if you stop the meds when pregnancy is confirmed (usually @ 4-5wks) the meds will be out of your system b4 baby starts getting nourishment from your blood supply :)

Messyjess TTC since Jun 2013; Japan 5 posts
26th Jun '13

Thank you so much for your input. I am going to keep researching to find out exactly what kind of risks I would be taking, but I really appreciate the replies.