vaginal bacteria and not even able to ttc :( Jazzy jetaime Japan 11 posts
26th Jun '13

My so and i been trying to Ttc for about 6 months and no luck. Couple months ago we found out we had an std chlamydia wish we not sure who gave it to who because we both had unprotected sex before meeting each other.... we took our antibiotics together follow instructions after medication. Then we still try ttc but now he went to go get check again because he had blood coming out hes c*m or seamen. .. the doctors said he was fine it was just trauma hes for having ruff intercourse. .
Well today i just was worried and went to planparenthood to check myself i need to wait a week for std results and they did a culture test that i was growing bacteria is not sexual transmitted bacteria she said but she gave me 7 days antibiotics for it.... i made an appointment for an obyn to check futher checking to see why i haven't got pregnant since my first two kids was so easy to get pregnant. ... if you girls had chlamydia did you still got pregnant and how long did you had it to be able to cause infertility problems: ( im so scared that this damage me we really want a baby i feel so sad and not sure what to think anymore of whats going on...

Amber ♡ Due August 13; 1 child; Kansas 17678 posts
status 26th Jun '13

Before I had DD, I use to be really promiscuous. I've had gonorrhea and chlamydia 2x and I still got pregnant. I only knew BD 3 months before getting pregnant, too.

I think you have to have it for years and years before becoming infertile.