ummmmm.....!!!! ♥Blondetourage 3 kids; FORT RILEY, Kansas 35907 posts
28th Jun '13

Ok so AF is due today. But hubby and I don't want to get excited bc what if its false? The pink line came immediately.


penispenispenisVAGINA 4 kids; Idaho 7110 posts
28th Jun '13

AI don't see how it could be false. I would say you're pregnant!!

La~La 4 kids; Houston, Texas 22034 posts
28th Jun '13

there is no false about that one. your eggo is preggo. FFS the test line is darker that the control....youre VERY preggo.

user banned Nassau, BA, Bahamas 5125 posts
28th Jun '13

Lol no false about that! Congratulations to you both!

♥Blondetourage 3 kids; FORT RILEY, Kansas 35907 posts
28th Jun '13

gaaah i hope thanks ladies! going to get a blood test asap :D

aℓyssa Due October 21 (girl); 1 child; Manhattan, KS, United States 18872 posts
28th Jun '13



Mom of 4 Little Boys! 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Hillsboro, Oregon 4726 posts
28th Jun '13

Yeah, that is 100% no doubt about it positive. Congrats!

Alissa Olson Due July 9 (girl); 2 kids; Jamestown, North Dakota 34 posts
28th Jun '13

Holy crap that is dark! Congrats.

.Jezebel. 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 9132 posts
28th Jun '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting ♥

slayera Due February 2 (twins); 4 kids; 3 angel babies; nowhere, ca, United States 1227 posts
28th Jun '13

congrats! ur definately pregnant.

Sugarhiccup LLC ; 5 kids; Lahaina, Hawaii 2825 posts
28th Jun '13

Congrats :)!

California Dreaming ♡ Due April 24; 3 kids; The Valley, CA, United States 2775 posts
28th Jun '13

YAY!! So exciting, congrats!

*021013* 2 kids; 1 angel baby; xxx, OH, United States 3816 posts
28th Jun '13

Definitely pregnant! Congrats!

OhHello Due November 23; TTC since Jun 2013; Washington, DC, United States 154 posts
28th Jun '13

Congratulations! How exciting!!

*((MoMmY Of 4))* 4 kids; San Bernardino, California 704 posts
29th Jun '13

Yay I'm excited for you....congratulations thats one dark BFP! :)