I dont get my period, wanting to ttc? Tori2392 2 kids; Australia 17 posts
29th Jun '13

So, I have been on the pill for about 5 years. (on and off between pregnancies) and I saw my doctor the other day because I've been suffering from focal (aura) migraines for months without thinking much of it. Apparently, my risk of having a stroke was significantly increased and my blood pressure has gone up. She advised I went off it, and I have. My problem is, I haven't had my period in a whole year, the doctors thought it was the pill but I went off the pill in Feb to see if my period would turn up, and a month on, it still wouldn't come. Now my partner and I are thinking about maybe trying for another baby (in about 6 months or so) but I am never getting my period so how are we meant to conceive? I am worried about fertility. Has anyone had this happen? Have you had to go down the IVF path? How did things work out? I am really worried.

La~La 4 kids; Houston, Texas 22034 posts
29th Jun '13

are you overweight at all?

Ive found that a lot of women who are overweight and have stopped their periods due to birth control take a bit longer to get their periods back....reason being that the hormones tend to store themselves in body fat.

Tori2392 2 kids; Australia 17 posts
29th Jun '13

I am a bit on the tubby side lol but I've been bigger and had normal periods. I have been gaining weight like CRAZY though lately and doctor is testing me for pcos