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Lube( preseed?) Platypus Due March 17; 1 child; Massachusetts 2633 posts
29th Jun '13

Has anyone used any certain types of lube, like pre seed, when TTC? How did they work? is it worth it?

Angela Nichols 2 kids; California 464 posts
29th Jun '13

we used it. it's a good lube. not sticky and sperm friendly. but when we got pregnant ( both times) we didn't use anything but each other. ;-)

♥ Jen ♥ 5 kids; Shawnee, Kansas 9056 posts
29th Jun '13

We used preseed our first two months. No luck so far. Plus dh complained about it. Said he didn't like it.

Viqtoria Due March 19; 34 kids; Florida 222 posts
29th Jun '13

We started using it this month. A little goes a long way. Got it off eBay. So far we like it. But I'm 2 DPO so can't tell if it worked/helped yet.