kr.r 1 child; Dallas, TX, United States 8737 posts
30th Jun '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Mama of *3*:</b>" Some of the forums I was reading says that there is no "normal" cycle, but others were saying anything ... [snip!] ... is all odd to me. SO would just look at me and Id be pregnant before lol, so this time around Im kind of stressed out about it!"</blockquote>

Yeh, it's always been regularly irregular. Never know when to expect it, which can be super inconvenient when I'm out in public without any tampons/pads. Just shows up whenever.

I was told by two doctors when I was 15 that I couldn't get pregnant. Turns out they were wrong, and only one of my ovaries doesn't work. Less of a chance, but certainly not impossible (cue surprise baby aka my son, haha).

Little TMI - I had 4.5 years of unprotected sex with 10 different partners (very stupid, I know, but I was a naive kid who felt invincible, wrongly believing her doctors simply because they were doctors) before ever getting pregnant. Surely not all of those guys had fertility issues, if any. So I definitely think it's a challenge for me to conceive, whatever the reason may be.

KB25 Due January 8; Raleigh, North Carolina 157 posts
30th Jun '13

My period returned in Devember when my DD was 1. My cycles ran 50-56 days and I got pregnant in April (due in Jan) my due date based on LMP was about 9 days later than my dating US said. So I ovulated late but not crazy late

Elizabeth Bishop TTC since Oct 2012; United States 1 posts
3rd Feb

I had gotten pregnant in Aug of 2012 then lost the baby at 9.wks Since then we have been trying for another. But for about 6 months now my periods have slowed down to every other month. What can I do?