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justanotherchicken Alabama 2402 posts
Jul 4th '13

I gained 9-10KG both times with my boys and that was all lost by the time I got home with them.
This time ive gained that already :? I had gained about 5 kg, then in the last couple weeks Ive gained another 5kg :shock: somehow and somewhere lol

afantastic 2 kids; Dallas, Texas 588 posts
Jul 4th '13

1st I started at 118lbs and went to 155lbs and 37 lbs
2nd I started at 129lbs and I am 160lbs now.

By 30 weeks I had only gained MAYBE 10 lbs. I've been packing on the chub since then :-(

I'd take into consideration some folks weight more as they have more kids so they gain less weight... Sometimes anyways.

AmbieS2 Due January 11 (girl); 1 child; Vacaville, California 523 posts
Jul 4th '13
Quoting AmbieS2:" I gained 100 lbs. Luckily lost it all while breastfeeding. "

I went from 120- 220 lbs. And here I am now 18 months after delivery and I weigh about 125 now. I breastfed for about 14 or so months. Never worked out or anything, just watched what I was eating. [: I'm now 12 weeks pregnant and hoping this wont happen again. All calories stuck to me while pregnant! But when i'm not pregnant I can eat about anything without gaining weight, my body is crazy while pregnant.