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Florida 3 posts
3rd Jul '13


mom of three 3 kids; Missouri 6294 posts
3rd Jul '13

I think they are both cute, but Anni seems incomplete to me.

tinana+2 TTC since Nov 2015; 2 kids; Peculiar, MO, United States 30768 posts
status 3rd Jul '13

First: Anna Middle: Lynn Paige
First: Anna Middle: Paige Lynn

She'll grow out of Anni/Annie eventually... Anna can be adult and professional later on. And Anni/Annie can of course be a nickname.

Dovahkiin 1 child; 1 angel baby; Kentucky 16776 posts
3rd Jul '13

Sounds like Anal Lynn.

мɑkɑnɑni ~, FL, United States 71911 posts
status 4th Jul '13