Exhausted cn&i♥ 2 kids; Indiana 1019 posts
3rd Jul '13

Today's just one of those days where everything seems overwhelming. I feel like I can't get anything done. Being a single mom is so incredibly hard, especially with a 3 month old. I am exhausted physically and mentally..I just want to cry! I always feel like a burden when I ask my family to help with the kids.
I usually don't complain about this stuff, but I had to vent somewhere. Any encouragement would be appreciated.

diiamondchula 18 kids; Toms River, New Jersey 754 posts
3rd Jul '13

Although I can't completely understand where you're coming from because you're single mother and I'm not my husband works nights and the only time he's home he sleeping and then I don't see him again the only day he has off without work this Saturday so I can understand we're being exhausted and taking care of children is hard but I'm pretty sure you can do it don't even worry about it just take a deep breath relax if you have to take a break see if your mom or father or your friend can even come over for 15 minutes so you can just go outside in Brees and just take a small mini break but you'll be fine