lo sick on vacation Nancy Botwin 2 kids; Pennsylvania 2182 posts
6th Jul '13

We're at the shore with our kids for a week. We are only 2 days in and my 17 mo was super cranky yesterday. I stayed back at the camper with him and we just hit up the pool. He has been coughing since we arrived and started with a clear runny nose that turned green this morning. I just took his temp and it's at 101. He is also digging in his ears.

While we were in the sun yesterday I did take the proper precautions. He had on swim trunks, a hat, an spf 50 rash guard and spf 50 sunblock everywhere else. We also kept our trips to the pool at around a half hour at a time. I know he isnt sunburnt.

I can bet that he has an ear infection. My question is, would you come home if your lo had these symptoms? Would our pedi at home call something in to the cvs down here? Or should I call around and see if a pedi is open on a sat around here and try to be seen?

We are 5 hours away in bethany beach de, we would never make it to our own dr before they close.

lamr - 02-08-13-21 2 kids; Crazytown, ON, Canada 5990 posts
6th Jul '13

Id go to a pharmacy and ask the pharmacist what they recommend. Polysporn ear drops work great but not sure the age on those.

A.V.N. 1 child; 799 posts
6th Jul '13

I don't really have advice for you but I am from BB and if you decide to go that route there is at least one pedi open on sat that I know of that will see sick kids. Beacon Pediatrics in rehoboth. hope your LO feels better.

P3RvYmCp3rv 2 kids; Carlyle, Illinois 11904 posts
6th Jul '13

I wouldn't go home. I would see if they have a walgreens clinic or somethingclose by.