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Jul 8th '13
Quoting mamaofacrawla:" I think it was added in there about how same sex shouldnt be together because they wanted to try to ... [snip!] ... it was add. From what i have read bibles that were made before that didnt mention said things into it until after King james."

Where did you learn that King James was not able to read? Because... he was English and Scottish nobility, he actually had some of the best tutors of the time. He was very well educated, and I believe it ludicrous to think that if he ruled to have the Bible's text translated, and wished to demolish the truth and divinity of the text, he could easily have done so... and why not start with excluding the very texts that go against his own behavior?

As far as having it added to the bible by the scholars who did the actual translation... I have a hard time believing this... because there is documentation that a Christian emperor in Rome on August 6, 390 declared that all homosexual men were to be burned at the stake because he was trying to avoid having the city destroyed by the "Wrath of God" like what happened at Sodom and Gommorah... if those texts had been added during King James rule, which was 1600 years later (give or take a few), then where did the emperor Theodosius get that idea... that homosexuality would induce God's wrath?

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Jul 9th '13
Quoting ~Julie Blue Eyes~:" <blockquote><b>Quoting justanothamotha:</b>" Here is what you are not getting: My ... [snip!] ... have to explain a straight couple groping each other to her. It's rude, it's uncalled for and it's unacceptable to me."

You don't hold my beliefs or personal convictions.

I know that, were you confused at some point that I did?

Some people are hard wired to murder, rape, harm, mutilate, have sex with children or their dog... Really? Who says. I've never once heard of this until today. I have heard of people with horrid childhoods that caused them to mentally becomes so ill or deranged they do it, but I've never heard a theory that anyone is hardwired to be cruel.

If homosexuality is a predisposition, so is everything. Exaggerate much? What a ridiculous sweeping generalization. And again you completely ignored me asking when YOU chose to be straight...what age? Details? What was involved in your choice to become attracted to men, etc?

Heck, alcoholism and drug addictions are predispositions too. Shall we just excuse their harmful behavior because "that's the way they are hard-wired"? Absolutely not. Again, apples & oranges & NOTHING to do with sexual orientation. YOU are the one calling homosexuality a "harmful behavior" that is NOT a sentiment shared by all. Mormons think drinking wine is harmful behavior. Perhaps we need to go back to prohibition to appease them.

My niece is exposed to "gay day" at her elementary school. Her required reading included, "Sally's two Moms". The book not only explains a homosexual relationship, it glorifies it, explaining that it doesn't matter who you love (sexually). Your niece attends a public school. Public schools are charge witeh safety & welfare of all children. If your niece were being taught at home about the way to treat kids who have 2 moms or 2 dads there would be NO gay day at school. Unfortunately, the school has to help take over teaching tolerance so those students with homosexual family members are not bullied at school because of it. Your niece's parents are welcome to homeschool (like I do) or enroll in a private school without a gay day.

That goes directly against what many, many people believe to be true. In fact, I believe it to be an outright lie. That is fine you believe that. It is fine that it goes against what many people believe. They are free to tell their children that when they come home or find an alternative place to educate their child. I don't believe in pledging allegiance to a flag (at all). It is my duty to teach my kids why I feel that way & all of that. I am not going to try to ban it from schools.

So yes, someone loses. I know right? Look at all the shit white people lost when blacks started demanding rights. It sucks. Someone always does loose - then again, what they loose might not have actually belonged to them in the first place, but who cares about that.

I know parents who are scrambling to undo what the world has corrupted them with. I don't feel that my child(ren) should have to share a bathroom with a child of the opposite sex just because they FEEL like a different gender. It's confusing! It is & even more confusing when parents make a big deal out of it. In many places we create confusion where none should exist. I've been to countries where men & women went in stalls side by side. I wasn't confused & no one peeked, but maybe I am just more intelligent? IDK - it seems like peeing & pooping need not confuse anyone.

There is an overwhelming cry from progressives for anyone with traditional values to be stifled, marginalized and even criminalized. It's happening every time I look around. Criminalized? In what way? I don't want to stifle anyone's values, at all. That si my point. Live your values to the nth degree! Live it up. Go home & read the bible 6 hrs a night, watch bible stories on TV with your family, take your kids to places like the creationist museum on vaca
Do it up momma. I have NO desire to limit your life style or choices. I only want to prevent you from mistakenly believing others have an obligation to abide by your sense of "traditional" values & live to your comfort level.

The last straw, for me, was taking my son and niece to D-Land on "gay day", without even knowing it. It was the most uncomfortable social experience that I have ever had. Don't tell me that that is not cramming it down my throat. I shouldn't have to explain two men smacking on each other to my seven year old niece, just like I shouldn't have to explain a straight couple groping each other to her. It's rude, it's uncalled for and it's unacceptable to me. I don't assume there is anything I shouldn't have to explain to my kids & I don't find it all that hard to explain stuff. Frankly - the hardest convos I've had with my 6 yr old revolve around things I can't answer like WHY the people at teh soup kitchen we work at don't have anyone in their life to look after them or why we allow people to sleep on the streets, especially in winter here, or why there is famine, or no access to healthcare for some or why we, as a nation, drop bombs on other nations. My son IS raised to turn the other cheek, so trying to explain that some Christians believe bomb dropping is ever appropriate or in line with Jesus' love is not something I can seem to explain adequately to myself, let alone a 6 yr old. The gay thing being explained hardly raised any interested & never made him bat an eye - seeing video of Somali children that were sacks of bones was gut wrenching for him & MUCH harder for me to find the right words to explain why we ignore human suffering.

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This is why I belive in it.