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user banned 3 kids; Washington 15083 posts
7th Jul '13

IMO she was politely informing you that you might have a mishap to avoid embarrassment. Now, I might've been offended had she point blankly loudly announced to everyone what you were wearing was inappropriate.

mrs.bedell 2 kids; Grand Forks, North Dakota 747 posts
7th Jul '13
Quoting speaktruth2powr:" And if she told you your skirt was tucked into your pantyhose, or your blouse buttons were opened, would you react the same way?"

well no I wouldn't

speaktruth2powr 2 kids; Ontario 45002 posts
7th Jul '13
Quoting mrs.bedell:" well no I wouldn't"

I view what she did as the same thing. She discreetly - so discreetly in fact, that your DH sitting beside you didn't hear her - warned you to help you avoid potential embarrassment....

user banned 3 kids; Washington 15083 posts
7th Jul '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Crystal

Ƥinkƴ 34 kids; 2 angel babies; Madagascar 23603 posts
7th Jul '13
user banned SAN FRANCISCO, CA, United States 24574 posts
8th Jul '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting mrs.bedell:</b>" I just mean out of frustration she did not say it in a friendly or helpful manner her tone changed when she realized she was wrong though"</blockquote>

But she wasn't wrong! Because even you recognized that your dress was shorter than it should be...hence, why you wore the shorts! And she wasn't wrong for politely whispering it in your ear, this was a definite overreaction on your part.