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Jul 10th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting MAAAMMEEE!!!:</b>" That's the crazy thing! We aren't even "together," just still in the "talking" phase :\ ...I really ... [snip!] ... threw me a bit. He probably doesn't even realize how offensive he came across considering the fact he doesn't have any kids."</blockquote>

If the person I was talking to did that I would tell him offended me in a slight way. I'm glad that the guy I'm talking to knows it isn't his place to say anything about that yet, especially since he hasn't met my son yet.

But if you're still interested in the guy and think it can go somewhere....I'd talk to him how it threw you off a bit and see what happens. If he's an ass about it is ditch him...if he is understanding and apologizes then I'd see where things go!