*~Terra~* 65 kids; Montgomery, Pennsylvania 32918 posts
9th Jul '13

He is so beautiful Aileen.

I'm so proud of you for being as strong as you are (even though I know deep inside you are probably a mess).

Remember what I told you, when you are feeling down........celebrate his life. Every year on the anniversary of his birthday do something for yourself and for him. Have the boys release balloons, buy yourself some flowers, a pedicure.... something.... It may seem odd now but trust me. It's helped carry me through my difficult times when thinking of my angel babies.

Love you babe!!!!

Daisyqueen TTA since Mar 2012; Muskegon, Michigan 2 posts
9th Jul '13

Aileen, thank you for sharing your story. Your photos of baby Carter are heartbreaking and beautiful. I wish your family strength and peace.

Ajoni's MamaDrama Due November 13; 3 kids; South Carolina 1848 posts
13th Jul

What a beautiful Angel you have! You made the right decision in having him the way you wanted to, and I'm so glad you got to kiss him over and over. My heart is with you and your family for your loss. *hugs*