Lillian's 6 month shoot! pic overload lol LJ'sMama ❤ 1 child; 1 angel baby; Griffin, Georgia 606 posts
8th Jul '13

Some of my favs from her shoot!988620_565298993508983_85126631_n.jpg998160_565298793509003_1713309573_n.jpg1011009_565299010175648_1667074448_n.jpg979_565299173508965_1985948742_n.jpg998697_565299540175595_1559455843_n.jpg1044104_565299316842284_1717512027_n.jpg598373_565299710175578_329412393_n.jpg1069350_565299693508913_691095704_n.jpg1043955_565299676842248_1085556685_n.jpg1045172_565299753508907_1054102566_n.jpg944723_565299773508905_1949243495_n.jpg1000093_565299813508901_1677175029_n.jpg740374_565300023508880_236150467_o.jpg998531_565300160175533_1565850261_n.jpg1001868_565300190175530_290776675_n.jpg1043933_565300076842208_652827628_n.jpg942672_565300146842201_2011179130_n.jpg

linsα Lake Hylia, HY, Czech Republic 30595 posts
status 8th Jul '13

So much chunky cuteness.

Mommy to 3 boys & 1 girl 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Sidney, Ohio 7768 posts
8th Jul '13

Gorgeous :) Love her curls.

This 1 is my favorite, I like the last 1 too.

THE Draco Malfoy 2 kids; Tennessee 20279 posts
status 8th Jul '13

i can't believe she's so big already! LOVE LOVE LOVE the ringlets! beautiful pics!

Serial Mom ✄ 18 kids; Michigan 2690 posts
9th Jul '13

She's gorgeous. I love her hair and get big chunky cheeks :)