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10th Jul '13

A few questions for you ladies.
A little history first
I have been nursing for almost a year
Got my first PP period at 6 weeks PP
Only once has it been late due to stress of losing a family member.
We had sex last on July 4th. No condom he pulled out.
We are not ttc but are not against another baby.
I am one day late for my period. I have sore breasts (they feel like my milk is coming in all over again and then I feel like I am havig let down every so often)
I have no signs of AF. Just slight cramping. My CP is high very high, soft and feels closed. I can feel the tiniest slit.
I tested yesterday and got a negative.

A few questions

My son was sick and started nursing a lot more throughout the night again. Would that mess with AF? It never has before but could be possible right?
Say my husband did impregnant me on the 4th it would be too soon to test right?
How often does CP change? Usually does it not come down lower before AF? How quickly can that change?