It's gone. The Monk Nerima, Japan 723 posts
10th Jul '13

Thanks everyone!

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12303 posts
10th Jul '13
The Monk Nerima, Japan 723 posts
10th Jul '13

Honestly, in the past I have tired rubber bands. I have also tired putting my hand in ice water, but that have never helped. The only thing that has ever stopped me was being busy. Unfortunately right now, I just to broke to do anything and it is summer time for me. :/ I feel silly for relapsing. I feel to old for this.

2 kids; Sunnydale, CA, United States 2669 posts
10th Jul '13
Mommy to 3!!!! 3 kids; Lincoln, Alabama 10224 posts
status 10th Jul '13

3 years and 2 months

thechelseamonster 2 kids; Colorado 29568 posts
10th Jul '13

I'm almost at two years. woooooo.
Previously, my longest was a year stretch.

I just have to tell myself no. A lot. And I really have to avoid triggers. I still have a hard time after watching a movie where you see someone SI or seeing scars on people I encounter.

Yurvette [♥] 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Hyrule Castle, LZ, San Marino 36449 posts
10th Jul '13

About 3 years. I replased april 27th.

Meℓony ♥ 1 child; Huntsville, AL, United States 3798 posts
10th Jul '13

Hm... I think the longest was a year or two... Me and SO used to argue a lot. I think the last time I did it was.. well almost a year ago..But I don't really get urges anymore, sometimes I'll look at my scars and think I want to, but I don't. The bitching is what keeps me from doing it.. Like I can't stand for someone to judge me for it. So I just.. think of that when I get the urge. I've been cutting since 2008. Stopped after I found out I was pregnant (december 2010) relapsed a couple of times after I had her (had her July 11, 2011). I haven't done it in almost a year. Feels good.

Jenny&Boopy 2 kids; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 7165 posts
10th Jul '13

It's been 8.5 years for me. I went the first few months just trying to keep busy and not think about it. Then I got pregnant with my first and I believe he's the reason I never started again. I was too afraid of losing him.