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Vicki McDonald Due September 28; 3 kids; Belleville, Ontario 927 posts
10th Jul
Quoting youremywonderwall:" <blockquote><b>Quoting Vicki McDonald:</b>" You can. I only wash mine once or twice ... [snip!] ... crazy like that ;)"</blockquote> Yea I wouldnt want to hand wash it every time haha. Does his poop ever leak out?"

Once, but I was using another cover that I had bought online, not the ones I make. He's going to be 2 next month so I think that one blowout in 2 years is a pretty good track record! My 2 sisters use cloth too, and neither of them have problems with leaking. My one niece is 5 now ( obviously not in diapers anymore) but she is using some of the same ones for her 3rd who is currently
7 months old. I like PUL ( fabric) touch tape waist bands and elastic legs. But different people have different experiences with styles. I used disposables for my first and hated Pampers , only bought Huggies, have friends who also have boys who only use Pampers..... Best advice if you are investing in cloth, try different brands! you will find one that you love, may not be the same one as someone else.

* Rob's Living Dead Girl Due February 15; Royersford, Pennsylvania 2930 posts
11th Jul

Neither really. Depends on what works for you, seemingly.

The Bear and The Bird 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42574 posts
12th Jul

Cloth by a LONG shot. And if you have access to a sewing machine it's VERY easy to make serviceable fitted diapers even if you've never sewn a stitch in your life (fitteds go under a leakproog cover anyway so it doesn't matter if your seams aren't perfect) You can buy covers and sew diapers and when you get better at sewing make your own covers and diapers. I just bought my first yard & a half of PUL (the fabric that makes diapers leakproof) for $13 and I'm going to get 5 one-size diapers out of it. That's about half the price buying ONE diaper new.

The Bear and The Bird 2 kids; Vantaa, Finland 42574 posts
12th Jul
Quoting youremywonderwall:" How exactly do cloth diapers work? Do you just throw it in the washing machine when they poop? Haha"

If they're exclusively breastfed, yes. If formula fed or once they're on solids, you have to rinse them first. You can buy a little shower head rinser for your toiler.