Positive pregnancy test 5 days after conception? DontLetMeGetMe 3 kids; Ohio 737 posts
Jun 20th '08

Good morning! Well, If I'm pregnant I conceived Sunday morning. I've had lower backache and crampyness. My tests are early detection (6-8 days) but I took one today (at 5 days) just because 'feeling' pregnant is making me crazy. The test is slightly positive. I don't think there is such a thing as a false positive. If you are pregnant with more than one baby do you feel the pregnancy more? Ectopic pregnancy has been mentioned. I don't know what to think.

Edit - I just checked the website instructions: Tests- sensitive to 20 mIU/mL hCG - are capable of detecting pregnancy as early as 6-8 days after conception.

Ladee+Grant+Lilly 2 kids; Tallahassee, FL, United States 23085 posts
status Jun 20th '08

If I'm not mistaken, the early detection refers to the days before your missed period. I really really don't think there is a way totell at 5 days after conception. I think even a blood test would be inconclusive on that one. It's possible you may have ovulated earlier than you realize and gotten pregnant sooner. There is such a thing as a false positive. I've had one. I'm not sure what it means when you get one but I know myself I have had one. My best advice to you would be wait a few more days/a week and retest, or call your doctor to schedule an actual blood test. I've never been pregnant with multiples but it has been said you do feel things sooner, although not this soon. If you've been TTC for awhile it's possible that you're psyching yourself out on the "feeling" pregnant, and I have also heard some BC can mess with the results of a Pregnancy test as well as mimic some signs of pregnancy.

mama2my3 3 kids; Pearl City, Hawaii 1168 posts
Jun 20th '08

I guess its possible.
You mentioned if there was more than one in there, and it made me think of "john and kate plus 8" . She was talking about how when she was pregnant with the sextuplets(sp) She tested possitive really early. (im sure about when she was prego with twins)
Now that was with 6, but im assuming it would be possible with 2 or more.
Are you sure you would only be 5 days? Cause the more i think about it, that seems pretty damn early. I say take a couple more tests! Thas what i always did! And make sure you are reading the result before 10 minutes. GoodLuck!

yo gabby gabby 4 kids; Arizona 42570 posts
Jun 20th '08

the web site you gave does say it can test positive from 6-8 days after conception...that's a new one on me..I guess most HPT aren't as sensitve as the 20hcg ones...

anyways...I don't think you will "feel" anything this early.
but I have never had multiples either so i can't say one way or the other realy.

all I can say is to wait.....test again...or go to your doctor and have them do a blood test to be sure.
good luck.

whitetrashbeautiful TTC since Dec 2007; Connecticut 302 posts
Jun 20th '08
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kmcpherson Due March 9; Alberta 1 posts
Jul 7th '11

Im curious to know what happened. I found out i was pregnant 4 weeks ago and just had an ultrasound 2 days ago and they said i was only 4.5 weeks pregnant, which means i got a positive test 4-5 days after conception as well. Any chance it was twins?

danibell TTC since Jan 2015; United States 1 posts
Mar 15th

So I ovulated on Wednesday and today is Sunday....i know because Im doing this by myself with a fertility doctor. so conception would have been Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. I dunno why I did it, I know its early but the home pregnancy test came out positive. 

Curious to how your situation turned out? Hoping mine sticks.