really? does this have to happen right now? James & John's Mommy 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Overton, Texas 3248 posts
12th Jul '13

so my mom moved in with us to help us with my 4 year old since we just had our second baby. well shes been kinda in my feeling disappointing... well i had to have my son a few days early due to a placental abruption and just got home yesterday and after i rode a half an hour in the car home i was already in pain well when we got out of the car my mom was heading out side to smoke and i made sure to tell her to wait so we could get the baby in and well i guess she decided she could be sarcastic... and she goes "yeah i'm gunna blow smoke in the babies face" and me being in pain and my SO having to deal with my grouchyness act we didnt really appreciate the sarcasm and well since then my moms been a b***h... staying in her room... i had to ask her to hold her newborn grandson (she made no action to hold him) and she's saying shes going to find her a place to go... is it bad that i really don't care? i mean the way shes been acting i honestly don't care... she doesnt like my SO and u know what i don't care... im not siding one or another im just tired of her attitude... and of coarse she's posting shit on FB like "i've got nothing left to loose" blah blah blah shit... like for real?? my friends are calling me saying saying "whats wrong with ur mom" ugh... i just want to be happy i just brought home my second son and i want to be happy!!! UGH

☮[The Mrs.] FJB Due December 4; 3 kids; North Carolina 14335 posts
12th Jul '13

Sounds like you are both being petty to me.

Steph{♥T&A♥} 2 kids; Arkansas 1893 posts
12th Jul '13

You sound exactly like me and my mom. And like us, it sounds like you're both just being petty and immature. Me and my mom just came to the conclusion we can't live together and that's that. When we don't live together, we do fine and hardly ever fight. So when I moved out in Nov. 2011 I made the decision that I was never living with her again lol.

*B & D Mommy* Due January 19; 2 kids; Illinois 16016 posts
status 12th Jul '13

I really don't get the big deal. Even if it did annoy me I would have just ignored it. No need for extra drama! I would just try talking to her

Bow Making Mama♥ 2 kids; 1 angel baby; California 18828 posts
12th Jul '13

Has something gone on to have her move in with you guys? Maybe she's depressed?