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31st Jul
Quoting Momma Fergie:" I love Etta from your list. I may have to add ... [snip!] ... I change my mind every day. Although like I said Kate is becoming a favorite of mine, but hubby isn't quite on board. Dang it!"

If you still like Etta, I think out of all of those name choices Etta Denise sounds the best.
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9th Aug
Quoting damncrazyhippy:" I know it sounds stupid when you can't decide on one name but try two middle names? Avery Etta Denise ... [snip!] ... family names, then it means something and she can proudly say her name comes from somewhere more than a book (or forum lol)"

Ya... trying to carry on family names, but it's hard when you don't like some of them.. ha! This one is so much harder to name than my first. My hubby and I think we've settled on Avery Denise. However, I can't help but think that I still love the name Kate, and he loves the name Zoe. The only one we both like is Avery (although I think he is just trying to make me happy). I wish babies came with little temporary tattooed names on them. Oh, and as far as Etta, hubby nixed it. Not sure why but he just said no and moved on.
I also like Ella, but it seems everyone around here is naming their daughters Ella. So for now it will be Avery Denise, Zoe Denise, or Katherine Denise.

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status 9th Aug

I like Avery even though most ppl on here won't sincr it's masculine. What about Audra