Mommy to 3!!!! 3 kids; Lincoln, Alabama 10234 posts
14th Jul

<blockquote><b>Quoting BlackVelvet:</b>" I delivered vaginally, I allowed visitors a few hours after I gave birth. I felt ok so i didnt mind."</blockquote>

I had csections so I think that is why

eKnuckles Due February 13; Florida 3438 posts
14th Jul

Tell them the doctor said no visitors. Or tell them you had baby at a different time rather than when you really did. You could just not tell them at all....
But really, once you get it over with the first time it'll be easier for future children. I didn't allow anyone to come to my home birth, just dh. They were all hurt, but I don't regret it for a second. (I do feel bad they were hurt though).

3&Me 3 kids; Australia 966 posts
14th Jul

When were home. Ill only have my OH and my doula at the birth and probably have my kids come sometime after.

Boobo&bugs Due September 24; 1 child; Simpsonville, South Carolina 5609 posts
14th Jul

We dot live near family. But if we did I'd tell them they had to wait until we came home from the hospital.

Clairebear & Abbey G :) 1 child; Ireland 2149 posts
14th Jul

I pretty much had visitors all the time I was in the hospital. I had an emergency c section and my cousin came into the OR with me. I was knocked out for it so I spent the whole first day out of it, groggy and disorientated. I also got sick with a fever so I wasnt allowed look after my daughter on my own, I was hooked to drips, monitors and a catheter. The first day my mother and 2 of my cousins were there all day, my dad + brother came up after. I remember waking and talking to them for a few minutes before passing out again lol. I was in hospital for 5 days and had visitors each day, it did get a bit overwhelming at times but I didn't want to ask them to leave. I have a huge family on both sides so there was a constant stream of people! Most did call or text ahead to ask if they could visit but some just turned up. Once I was home, hardly anyone called except for my dad, brother and the same 2 cousins!

Adriana's Mami♥ +1 Due December 14; 33 kids; Ontario 3858 posts
15th Jul

It's your labor. You shouldn't compromise what you want so that someone doesn't get angry. If they really cared about you they would understand.