diaper rash dayisawesome 1 child; Alliance, Ohio 12 posts
15th Jul '13

Okay so my daughter is 15months and when she was on formula ( simulac advance) she was getting tons of rashes and the doctor switched her when she was 8months to the soy formula the rashes were stll there but they weren't as bad. Then when she was 11months i put her on 2% milk. And the rashes slowed down but were still there. WIC told me to use whole milk so i tried it but the rashes were bad and bleeding so i took her off right away and then my mom told me to use soy so i tried it and no the rash was still there so we tried coconut milk and almond milk it did the same thing the rashes wont stop! WIC told me to try lactose free milk so i tired it it was working but a few days after she started taking it the rash was worse then ever. Blisters bleeding and everything. So i completly stopped milk and wasnt giving her any milk for about 3 weeks and the rash was gone and her but was cleared finally in 14 months no rashes. And about a week ago i gave her a cup of milk because i know she needs the stuff milk has in it. Well the next morning she woke up and had really bad diarrhea and now the rash is back and i feel like A bad mom for trying to give her the milk but everyone tells me im wrong for not giving her the milk because she neesa it. CAN ANYONE HELP ME!

Squeaky McGee 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 65089 posts
status 15th Jul '13

Maybe she has a yeast infection. Let her little booty air dry as much as possible and ask her doctor about some antifungal cream.

user banned 33 kids; British Columbia 2986 posts
15th Jul '13

Try goat milk?

dayisawesome 1 child; Alliance, Ohio 12 posts
15th Jul '13

Thats what the doctors always think what it is they say its a yeast infection. And i let her without a diaper atleast 2twice a day to air out. And iv tired goat milk and it was doing the same thing