Tissue discharge (picture) Mommy of 2!!! 2 kids; Spring Hill, Florida 55 posts
15th Jul '13

Okay, my son is 3 1/2 months old. Born on April 7th. I started having pregnancy symptoms again so hubby bought a pregnancy test Wednesday, I took it and negative. Then Thursday I started spotting. I was hurting really bad this time. I can only describe it as the beginning stages of labor. Back was killing me, cramping horribly, and the pain was radiating down my thighs. I have not been bleeding much. Tampon has not been filling up, not even coming close. It was just enough to need something and I am out of pantyliners. Today while doing dishes, I started cramping and doubling over. I then felt wet and went to the bathroom. I had this quite big grey and bloody tissue in my underwear. I am still in a decent amount of pain. Doctor said with negative he does not think miscarriage. I am just curious if anyone else has experienced
this so long after delivery. I did not with my first.