am i being unreasonable Amy Packer 1 child; Battle Creek, Michigan 533 posts
15th Jul

Ok little back story my dh and i are currently living seperately and i have our 14 month son pretty much all day everyday excluding the help i get from my mom and sister or the 2 hours im away at work..its been this way pretty much since hes been about 2 months old..just within the past few months my dh tries to be here on tbe weekends and maybe ome day a week..the past two weeks he has only made it here for 1 and a half days due to work or no gas and ive been really stressed tired and needing help...well today i asked my dh to come over bc i am sick and wanted to lay doen for a bit before work..he came over but is giving major attitude because i want him to watch our son so i can rest. I understanf we dont get a lot of time together but i never do this i never get time away from our son so why when i ask for time to sleep because im sick am i the bad guy. I love my son dont get me wrong but he is extremely active and im justvwore out... am i wrong for wanting an hour and a half nap before going to work then coming home and taking care of our son til he goes to bed? Ahh sorry just frustrated and ranting..posting and running.

user banned 33 kids; British Columbia 2986 posts
15th Jul

no your not. why can't you guys move in together?

Amy Packer 1 child; Battle Creek, Michigan 533 posts
15th Jul

We have been having problems with different aspects of our relationship..lotsvof fighting and not getting along. We have been trying to work it out but im not ready to move in together yet.